1. Closed RP with 3nations1city

    Gilbert yawned and stretched as he checked the time……?…..!!!

    "SCHEIßE I’M LATE!" he sprang up and tumbled out of bed then scrambled for pants before running out the door.

  2. Prussia | Gilbert Beilschmidt

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    Unintentionally requested by churrosforthewinYou’re welcome.

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    Aph hungary snapchatting pics of her eating peeps when she’s angry at Prussia.

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    Someone explain to me what I’m doing with my life.


    Hetalia Actor AU part 3:

    1. Prussia’s actor is that one guy who always makes lame puns, both off and on set. (Also, Germania is played by a different guy but Ludwig likes to steal the wig sometimes)
    2. Switzerland’s actor cannot draw at all, so in the scene where Switzerland demonstrates a safety lesson to Liechtenstein, he has an art double - who happens to be Armin’s actor from Attack on Titan. (credits to my friend)
    3. Iceland’s actor has one of the best voices. The cast, particularly the other Nordics’ actors, loved watching him record his character song.
    4. Liechtenstein’s actor has a huge crush on Latvia’s actor (they’re about the same age in real life). The rest of the cast knows but Raivis is still oblivious, despite the flowers and messages Lili leaves in his dressing room everyday.
    5. Spain’s actor will do pretty much anything to keep his fans happy, including disobeying direct orders.

    Bonus - ActorAU!German trio:


    Awesomely, of course.

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    Transparent encouraging Prussia for your blog (◡‿◡✿)

    I really need to cheer myself up today ;;;;

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    I doodled Prussia being sexier then he actually is….

    Excuse you I am very attractive just ask anyone!

  8. "..all an idiot like me can do is to keep moving forward.."

    Okumura Rin ( ao no exorcist vol3 ch11 pg13)

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